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Soft Drinks & Mixers

Taste your way through our delicious and handcrafted menu, carefully curated with your taste buds in mind. We know that you’ll find yourself on an exciting culinary journey, taking inspiration from around the world delivered to you at Oyster Creek Kitchen, and we invite you to come back to the Sun Shelter in the West-cliffs for more.

Franklin & Sons

⚓ Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic

⚓ Franklin & Sons Light Tonic
⚓ Franklin & Sons Elderflower & Cucumber Tonic

⚓ Franklin & Sons Black Olive & Rosemary Tonic
⚓ Franklin & Sons Pink Grapefruit & Bergamot Tonic

⚓ Franklin & Sons Lemonade

⚓ Franklin & Sons Soda Water

⚓ Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer

⚓ Franklin & Sons Raspberry Lemonade

⚓ Franklin & Sons Rhubarb Lemonade

⚓ Franklin & Sons Elderflower Lemonade


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⚓ Belu Still Water 330ml
⚓ Belu Still Water 500ml

⚓ Belu Sparking Water 330ml

⚓ Belu Sparkling Water 500ml
⚓ Coca-Cola
⚓ Diet Coke

⚓ Coke Zero

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