Taste your way through our delicious and handcrafted menu, carefully curated with your taste buds in mind. We know that you’ll find yourself on an exciting culinary journey, taking inspiration from around the world delivered to you at Oyster Creek Kitchen, and we invite you to come back to the Sun Shelter in the West-cliffs for more.

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Au Naturel
Served on the half shell, with apple & horseraddish mignonette,  fresh lemon & Tabasco

3 - £9    6 - £18    12 - £36

Grilled with garlic butter, rocket, cheddar cheese & breadcrumbs served in the shell
3 - £9.50    6 - £19.00    12 - £38.00

OCK Style
Grilled with chipotle butter, rocket, cheddar cheese & breadcrumbs served in the shell
3 - £9.50    6 - £19.00    12 - £38.00

To Start

Mixed Olives 3.50

Garlic Flat Bread 4.50

Add Cheese +1.00

Devilled Whitebait        6.50

Whitebait, deep fried in a cayenne coating with paprika dusting & cooling lemon aioli

Seared Ahi Tuna       10.00
Served Rare, Cucumber ribbons, fresh grapefruit,
toasted seasame seeds with soy, honey dressing

Calamari                    9.00
Battered squid rings with mixed leaves, corriander, peanuts & red chilli

Garlic Prawns            8.50

King Prawns panfried in garlic butter with bread

Tacos                          9.00
Crunchy leaves, guacamole, chipotle, pineapple & mango salsa.
Crab | Crispy Shrimp | Battered Avocado 

Grilled Halloumi(V)      9.00

Halloumi, grilled & served with sweet chilli & toasted sesame seeds

Whole King Shrimp     9.00

Giant Argentinian King Shrimp, butterflied and smothered in garlic butter

Beef Arrancini             9.00 Beef Arrancini with an arrabiatta sauce

Platters // Sharing

Trawler Board            45.00 Selection of cold seafood, Including; a dressed crab, prawns, crayfish, cockles, mussels, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel & chorizo pate, anchovies, samphire, OCK sauce & bread (Subsititutions may be made due to availability)

Lobster Platter            55.00 As our Trawler Board,
but with a Whole (400g) Lobster

(Subsititutions may be made due to availability)

OCK Tier                 75.00
As our Lobster Platter, PLUS 4 Oysters, & a hot layer of shellfish in a garlic & white wine sauce.
(Subsititutions may be made due to availability)

Add a bottle of house Champagne to any of our sharers or platters for 45.00


New England Lobster Roll     26.00
The meat from one of our 400g Lobsters, with crayfish, soaked in garlic butter & aioli with mixed leaves, served in a brioche roll with slaw & fries

Grilled Lobster
800g-1kg Fresh Lobster, With Garlc Butter, House Slaw, Fries & Salad
Half 27.00 Whole 50.00

Lobster Goujons & Fries 25.00
All the meat from a 400g Lobster, sliced & battered,
with crispy courgette fries & tartare sauce

Poke // Pasta

Vegetarian Pasta Of The Week   19.50

Please ask server for this weeks choice

Smoked Salmon Tortellini            23.00
Oak smoked Loch Fyne salmon & creamy ricotta, in creamy cheese & chive sauce, topped with salmon caviar

Seafood Pistachio Linguine         21.50

Mixed Seafood in a pistachio pesto with linguineserved with lemon & bread

Wild Boar Tortelloni          22.50

Wild Boar, marinated in red wine & vegetable stock, in a tortellini pasta Served in a rich tomato & red wine sauce served with bread

Shimp’ocado  Poke           19.00
Argentinian Shrimp, Smoked Salmon, sliced avocado, rice & fresh grapefruit with cherry tomatoes, mixed salad, seasame seeds with a soy, honey & ginger dressing

From The Sea

Beer Battered Fish & Chips        16.00 Lowestoft landed Haddock, with homemade tartare, chunky chips & lemon
Add Peas £1.00

Coconut & Ginger Seabass        17.50
Pan-Fried Seabass fillet, lightly dusted & served with rice & mixed peppers with a coconut & ginger sauce.

Catch of the Day             19.00

Ask your server for todays locally sourced catch of the day

Sun Shelter Mussels       16.00 Mussels,in a rich tomato, chorizo & garlic broth, served with bread
Add Fries £1.50

Moules Marinere          15.50
Mussels in a garlic, white wine, shallot & cream sauce served with bread
Add Fries £1.50


10oz Sirloin Steak            23.00
Prime 28 Day aged British Sirloin Steak cooked how you like, with grilled tomato & fries
Sauce? Peppercorn // Blue Cheese // Garlic Butter £3

12oz Rib-eye Steak              26.00
Prime 28 Day aged British Rib-Eye with grilled tomato, & fries
Due to the size, we will not cook this steak above medium
Sauce? Peppercorn // Blue Cheese // Garlic Butter £3

Surf for the turf?

Crispy Shrimp        +£5
4 Fresh battered king shrimp

Garlic Prawns        +£5
Prawns pan-fried in garlic butter

Half//Whole Lobster             +£24//46

Half or Whole Fresh Lobster Grilled in Garlic Butter

In A Bun

Classic Burger            15.00
100% 8oz Aberdeen Angus pattie, topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & OCK relish

Surf ‘n Turf
8oz Aberdeen Angus pattie, with cheddar cheese, tomato, mixed salad, mayo & your choice of
| Crispy Shrimp 18.50 | Garlic Shrimp 18.50 |
| Half Fresh Lobster 38.50 |

Sun Shelter Tower            16.50 100% 8oz Aberdeen Angus pattie, cheese, bacon, fried egg, tomato, mixed leaves & OCK relish

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Bombay Bad Boy Burger(V)   14.00
Spicy bean burger, cheddar cheese, mixed leaves, tomato & OCK relish

California Burger            15.50 Grilled chicken breast, with guacamole, mango & pineapple salsa, mixed salad & cheese