Our Story



We are a small family run restaurant situated on the seafront in Southend, in what used to be a Victorian Sun Shelter. 
We make all of our own Gelato to traditional Italian recipes, and source our food locally where possible! No matter the occasion O.C.K is for you! With fresh seasonal produce and great tasting wines and cocktails to compliment,  why not pop in today and try for yourself?



The journey our food takes is smooth sailing. We source all of our produce as nearby as possible to ensure the food on your plate is as fresh as it can be. We also appreciate the importance of supporting local businesses to maintain a sustainable community.

Converting the old sun shelter has been a real privilege and great fun, it is an iconic building in Southend so I hope people like what we have done with it!

Antonia Waite



for the best

Through our passion, we deliver quality.
From our trained staff to our beautifully renovated building, we strive to provide a sublime experience for our customers.
Our aim is to take the finest ingredients, cook them to finest standard and serve them to you in a laid back, friendly atmosphere!